16 May 2011

Flags of Creativity

I was so pleased by this picture one of my customer sent me!!
As I always said or thought, I am impressed by
how people use my fabrics in their own creative ways
that I never think of!

Thank you so much, Stacy! :)


SAMZE said...

creative indeed! i would've never thought to use your fabric like this...it is so beautiful! :)

i have yet to sew up anything with the fabric i've bought from. you hoarding it right now. ha ha ha! i will send you a photo once i do make something! :)

thanks for sharing! :)

Maki said...

They are so pretty! It is lovely to see how other people make out of own work, isn't it?
How's thing over there, Hitomi san? xm

Hitomi Kimura said...

Please do send me some photos of your creation when it's ready! That's one of the best things to see for me :)

Maki san,
Things are getting better here in Japan (I hope?), but it's still a bet scary and frustrating when we hear any news regarding the nuclear reactor...
Anyway, I guess you are having a nice and beautiful season in England? :)

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

this makes me smile!!!!!! I love your fabrics - the creating options are endless :) Hallo from Berlin!!!!!

- meredith

* how is your nephew doing? planning to post any more pictures? :)

Hitomi Kimura said...

Are you in Berlin??
The city is one of my favourite places I'd like to stay in, I envy you ! :)

I took loads of pictures of my nephew but with my film camera...!!! So we need to wait for a while now, let's look forward to them :)