21 June 2010

Bottles of Healing

It was an organising day yesterday and I put those pretty ink bottles in order.
I need to work on something new...!

18 June 2010

Love for Colour

I've been working on new silkscreen prints on fabric. They are quite small as A4 size it's easier to experiment colour schemes. Now available on my Etsy shop.

14 June 2010

A Perfect Match

© Elizabeth Tritsch / Photos by Marianne Wille

I was so excited when I received those pictures of cushions with my Mari fabrics!
One of my customers Elizabeth, is a talented crafter and you can see how creative she is to integrate my design into her lovely cushion covers.
I really hope that she would start selling her creations on Etsy or anywhere else :)

The photographs were taken by Marianne, a friend of Elizabeth and she sells her beautiful felt works here!

11 June 2010

Beautiful and Quiet Assistant

I have been working on small prints on fabric recently for hanging on the wall and I thought of putting some flower when I take photographs for listing an item.
I am so lucky to have an avid gardener who happened to be my mother.