24 June 2009

New Tea Towel Design

I was designing a pattern for tea towels and first started with pencils (you can see it just by the scissors above). But I soon realised my hand didn't draw the lines I wanted so did it by paper-cutting. I made several layers of circles and the result is...

These are pieces of paper which I keep from magazines, gift wrap, etc. It is very useful for making collage and finding interesting colourways. I also use them when I don't want to be "skilful" and just feel like playing around with colours and shapes using scissors like a child.

Improved? - At Least I Like It Better

Just found the old original papercut for my "Mari" pattern and the below is the new (now old too, though) re-designed "Mari".

22 June 2009

Love The Britishness

Now my family own the classic MINI and I like the fabric used for the seats. So I am planning to make matching cushions for the rear seat :)

18 June 2009

Because Nobody Else Does It For Me

Before I started today's printing, as I walked into my studio, I felt "something has to be done about it..." and I spent the whole morning just to tidy up the studio. Organising skill seems to be very important and something I definitely need...

9 June 2009

Cushion Covers Traveling To Canada

I have shipped out some cushion covers to a beautiful shop called "BUK & NOLA" in Montreal, Canada the other day. The shop looks really nice and chic from its website, please check out if you are around the town.

Efficiency For A Change

I've been searching for a way to make the same colours in less time and recently I've been getting better at it! Although it's a lot more fun to find a beautiful colour by accident, this colour-managing skill should be very important :)

3 June 2009

Exploration and Pleasure

Finding a "right" (to me!) colour combination is the true joy for me. I am planning to apply my multi-coloured pattern onto paper in the near future.