25 December 2008

Just Another Work Day

A new design idea has been generated...!

Making the colour "Tulip".

20 December 2008

Problematic Bloom Screen

Putting the screen on UV light table to make the surface durable for printing.

12 December 2008

Mini Granny Bag

I made this simple small granny bag as sample but the details should be changed and/or redesigned.

9 December 2008

Printing Fresh

I printed a new colour to make a cushion cover. I have chosen this strong pink to cheer myself up on this cold day with grey sky.

8 December 2008

Photo Emulsion Problem

I have found many pinholes on the screen - (so I've been filling the countless holes with photo emulsion)

- and did a lot of tests to find out why... probably the quality of photo emulsion was not good enough...

Colour Management

I have been struggling how to organise my ink & colour system, trying to make it easier to prepare exactly the same colour.

Sounds Like a New Machine!

The Sewing machine came back from overhaul and it works brilliant...!!

4 December 2008

Good Old Sewing Machine

This is how my computer/sewing room looks at the moment. I got the yellow sewing machine last year but it was not as powerful as I thought, and then...

found this nice and heavy early 70's Mitsubishi sewing machine my mother used to use (...and it hasn't been used for 30 years), took it to an expert for overhaul. Hopefully it will be back in several days so let's see how it works...

2 December 2008