7 December 2010

Which One Is Your Colour?

I finally listed the new Frog cushion covers on Etsy. And this time I added the colour samples on the listings for custom order, because I thought it might be easier for people to find what they want instead of me saying "I can print almost any colour of your choice" without samples.

28 November 2010

Do You Like Frogs?

New design "Frog" has been done and I'll make some cushion covers out of those fabrics tomorrow.

Each frog was cut out by hand so they are all unique! I just hope there are many frog lovers out there... :)

18 November 2010

New Dark Room (or just a box)

It's been a while since I've refurbished my studio and there's still a lot more to be done!

Today, I made a small new "dark/drying room" using a shelf. It is very small and just contains one screen to dry. I will see how it works tomorrow.

12 November 2010


Meredith of munaluna sent me these photos the other day! Sooo cute!! :)

19 October 2010

New Look and I'm So Happy

I've done some painting recently - all white in my studio! It feels so fresh and clean :) I have loads to organise now and want to make it look better!!

20 September 2010

SHIN SHIN - From Her Honest Heart

The other day I found a beautiful blog which is written by one of the followers of this blog.
It's called SHIN SHIN and a pottery instructor Maki is introducing her lovely sketches, tools, works, creative process and daily life from England.
Please have a look and I'm sure it inspires you all !

10 September 2010

It's Going To Be A Long Way (sometimes)

Yes, I am working on all those designs at the moment. I want to print them all onto fabric (well, of course not all at once though). I need to refine each design now to get what I want to see... I usually have so many ideas but don't finish each one, just stop drawing and move onto another idea. I sometimes think that I'm avoiding the further process, maybe because I know it might become a long journey...

15 August 2010

New Range of Fabrics

I have listed some new fabrics on my Etsy shop today. Those are light/quilting weight fabrics and I have printed 15 colours the other day.

The colours are from my normal colour palette but now I'm looking forward to adding more with new design!

12 August 2010

One Of My Happiest Moment

When I have a lot of remnants, I sort them out by colours and make some remnant packs for sale. I always enjoy thinking about combinations of colours :)

10 August 2010

Colours on Canvas

I have recently started using new base fabric to print on. It is heavy weight cotton canvas and I love the texture!

29 July 2010

Elephant Magazine

It's been a while since this art & visual Culture magazine called "Elephant issue 3" was published but here is the pages in which my work was featured.

AND it was really nice to be in this feature along with the popular designer maker Yuko of Patapri!

This feature represents 7 textile designers around the world. I really enjoyed reading other artists' history, background, idea, process, style and so on.

Special thanks to Anna, an editor of this Elephant magazine as well!

16 July 2010

Playing Around With Real Things

I've done some experiment the other day with watercolours and then paper cutting.

When I try to develop my idea, doing it on computer doesn't really work for me, especially when the computer is so old and super-slow...!

5 July 2010

Work In Progress

These are some "making-of" at different stages of preparation for printing new tea towels. The last photo shows sketches for more of new designs.

21 June 2010

Bottles of Healing

It was an organising day yesterday and I put those pretty ink bottles in order.
I need to work on something new...!

18 June 2010

Love for Colour

I've been working on new silkscreen prints on fabric. They are quite small as A4 size it's easier to experiment colour schemes. Now available on my Etsy shop.

14 June 2010

A Perfect Match

© Elizabeth Tritsch / Photos by Marianne Wille

I was so excited when I received those pictures of cushions with my Mari fabrics!
One of my customers Elizabeth, is a talented crafter and you can see how creative she is to integrate my design into her lovely cushion covers.
I really hope that she would start selling her creations on Etsy or anywhere else :)

The photographs were taken by Marianne, a friend of Elizabeth and she sells her beautiful felt works here!

11 June 2010

Beautiful and Quiet Assistant

I have been working on small prints on fabric recently for hanging on the wall and I thought of putting some flower when I take photographs for listing an item.
I am so lucky to have an avid gardener who happened to be my mother.

31 May 2010

14 May 2010

Cobalt Blue

I got a new acrylic colour which is astonishingly beautiful...!
I can be easily pleased by this sort of small things :)