28 January 2009

Experiment, Experiment

I did some paper cutting today and found it very interesting and inspiring! Will definitely do more.

25 January 2009

My Screen and UV Light Box

This is my screen for "Mari" design and UV light box to process the screens.
I use this home made light table to expose emulsion-coated screens to UV light.
It can process up to 90x60 cm sized screen and if you purchase it from a manufacturer (in Japan) it costs me thousands of pounds for this size...! So my father saved me a lot of money :)

20 January 2009

What Is Your Favourite?

The teal seems to be the most popular colour in my Etsy store. So I printed more of teal fabric today - why not :)

18 January 2009

New Mini Granny

For the green one, I sort of experimented printing the same pattern on top of another, found the effect interesting so made it into this granny bag :)