25 January 2009

My Screen and UV Light Box

This is my screen for "Mari" design and UV light box to process the screens.
I use this home made light table to expose emulsion-coated screens to UV light.
It can process up to 90x60 cm sized screen and if you purchase it from a manufacturer (in Japan) it costs me thousands of pounds for this size...! So my father saved me a lot of money :)


Jacqui Dodds said...

Wow - you are so lucky to have this amazing lightbox - it looks so professional - your Dad is very talented. I have more Blue/teal screenprints etc on my art blog which you can find at:
I will be following your blog as well as I love your designs and how you are screenprinting with photo emulsion in what I presume is quite a small space - really great and inspiring!

PixelJAM said...

Wow, very impressive! You are lucky to have a dad like that!