20 July 2009

New Gallery

I have renewed the Gallery page of my website, it is now powered by zen PHOTO. It seemed to be a nightmare at first to integrate the script into the website by myself but I did it...! I am also surprised at how amazing this free software (unless you donate) is - managing images is easy, simple and flexible, it's just so beautiful. What I need to do now is to upload as many images as possible!

18 July 2009

Big Mistake

The other day I was packing quite a lot of bags and towels for a gallery shop at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago. But what I found about on this shipping date was that I forgot to make one more granny bag...! So I explained it to the buyer and she kindly told me to send it just when I make one...

3 July 2009

Fingers Crossed

Today I decoated a screen and mended the wooden frame.

I could never get rid of this ghostly mark... annoying...!!!

This is photo-emulsion I use, it's from Germany. Getting a bit old though... 5 months after the pot was opened. Let's see how it works...!