3 July 2009

Fingers Crossed

Today I decoated a screen and mended the wooden frame.

I could never get rid of this ghostly mark... annoying...!!!

This is photo-emulsion I use, it's from Germany. Getting a bit old though... 5 months after the pot was opened. Let's see how it works...!


Tiina of LiviaConcept said...

please, show us more! how did it look like when finished?

Hitomi @ kalla said...

It was actually ok - so I didn't have to waste the rest of the stuff...! (but it should be used up quite soon, of course)

Helen Rawlinson said...

Mine is a different make, but I keep it in the fridge and it seems to last for ages. You may do this already, but just a tip if you don't!

Hitomi @ kalla said...

Hi Helen,
Thanks for your advice!
I do now keep it in the fridge (3 months or so after it was opened... stupid of me!) and found it still works :)