5 November 2011

Back in Class

I was so happy when I received these images. A graphic design student from America kindly sent me this work, developed as part of her editorial design project. I really like the neat way of presenting my pictures (the cover is not mine), thank Emily for picking me and keep up the great work!

10 October 2011

Lemon And Ash

I started colouring the circle pattern but don't really like the colourway...
Cutting out and getting rid of the colour I don't want in it.

 Stuck pieces of yellow paper underneath.
 I used several different shades of yellow and grey instead.

 - and the mess!

8 October 2011

29 September 2011

Designing with Numbers

I'm not a weaver. But I always admire weavers for their intricate job and creativity to produce such beautiful fabrics with tight restrictions compared to printed textiles.

And I purchased this book "Designing Woven Fabrics" by Janet Phillips from UK last month. The book is full of colour pictures of gorgeous fabrics which were designed and hand woven by the author.

The most interesting part for me so far (maybe because I cannot weave) is in the section "Design Criteria" and on "Designing Stripes and Checks". I found the author uses Fibonacci number sequence when designing stripes and checks! Does every designer use this as one of those golden rules? I didn't know how you could apply this mathematical formula to designing because I didn't take official design course? Anyway, this small discovery made me happy because I don't want to trust my sense all the time. Now I have another guideline to follow :)

3 September 2011

Rich in Colour

I've been experimenting colourways and it's always one of the best parts of having this job.

22 July 2011

Attractive Infinity

I've been fascinated by beautiful checks/plaids recently, and tried designing one myself. I liked the soft and delicate colourway and hope you like it too. 

Check is such a simple and classic pattern and yet the possibility of colour combination and line arrangement is unlimited. I sometimes feel overwhelmed and stuck when I have too many options available (generally) but it's a good fun if I have a colour palette on a certain theme.

20 July 2011

Anniversary on Stamps

I got some stamps at post office today and found the graphic design interesting.

15 July 2011

Looking for Mr. Red

These pictures are from when I was looking for the right “Red” for one of my customers. But I have been so lazy recently, if I'm allowed to make any excuse, because it's boiling hot in this studio... maybe Japan is becoming a tropical island... what should I do. I cannot survive.

16 June 2011

Happy Flowers

Today's experimentation - pieces of paper then added a black spot in the centre of each.

1 June 2011

Something in Common

After the owner of Etsy shop Vitamini sent me a note to say hi, as a fellow screenprinter, I was delighted to browse her lovely shop!
(As some of you might know, I drive the old classic Mini, too)

You can find the lovely Mini Coopers on a variety of items!
In such a stylish way!
Also, check her fantastic blog (with all the nice retro stuff, too) here.

Thank you Casey for sharing your talent and love for MINI!! :)

28 May 2011

Beautiful Sewing Tool

I found this book a couple of weeks ago and instantly fell in love with these exquisite Japanese thimbles! They are made of paper, floss and colourful silk yarn. If I make one, I doubt if I actually “use” it because it’s so beautiful.