22 July 2011

Attractive Infinity

I've been fascinated by beautiful checks/plaids recently, and tried designing one myself. I liked the soft and delicate colourway and hope you like it too. 

Check is such a simple and classic pattern and yet the possibility of colour combination and line arrangement is unlimited. I sometimes feel overwhelmed and stuck when I have too many options available (generally) but it's a good fun if I have a colour palette on a certain theme.


nilij said...

Hey there,
bumped into your site while googling on surface pattern design. I like your blog especially on some idea drafts you made and things that you are working on in the studio. I just started to get interested in screen print, drawing, illustrating and i just got a good old sewing machine. so im a newbie, considering myself self-taught and experimenting. Probably thinking of going to some short course on screen printing. I have been working as a web/graphic designer. but now im starting with a simple stencil printing on my pillow case...hehe


Hitomi Kimura said...

Thank you for your message, it's always nice to hear from a fellow artist :) It always encourages me to create more work, and post more often. Anyway, good luck on your course and hopefully I could see your print in the near future :) Hitomi

Ping Living said...

I know exactly what you mean, the possibilities are endless. But you have created something great and inspiring!

Hitomi Kimura said...

> Ping Living
Thank you for your comment!!

PalumaPrint said...

Hi and greetings from Queensland where I dabble in screenprinting as well. I have just featured your blog on my blog including some of your photos. Hope that's okay with you.

Mari said...

I really like the colour palette you use hear. Makes it very light.

Hitomi Kimura said...

Hi Mari, thank you for your comment, colours and patterns are so magical and I just cannot stop thinking about them! :)

jonburgessart said...

I think subtle colour is very hard to do. I keep thinking how everything needs to be brighter. Of course it doesn't! I just found your blog and your work. Very nice. I'll put a link on my blog.

Hitomi Kimura said...

Hi jon, thank you for your comment!
I like playing around with subtle colours and often combining dull colours together.
I saw your blog too and found your style very interesting! Very unique mixture of taste as you described in your profile :)