10 September 2010

It's Going To Be A Long Way (sometimes)

Yes, I am working on all those designs at the moment. I want to print them all onto fabric (well, of course not all at once though). I need to refine each design now to get what I want to see... I usually have so many ideas but don't finish each one, just stop drawing and move onto another idea. I sometimes think that I'm avoiding the further process, maybe because I know it might become a long journey...


SAMZE said...

Wow! What fun! I can't wait to see what you print up on fabric!!! :) So neat to see your design process! :)

Hitomi said...

I can't wait either! :)
Let's hope it happens sooner!! :)

Maki said...

It's lovely to see how your design idea develops. Thank you for sharing. xm

Jennifer said...

I always love seeing the process of artists.
I'm curious about what type (brand) of screen printing ink you use?
The colors in your textiles are so gorgeous...the inks seem very transparent and look more like dyes than inks?
Are they water or oil based?
Are you able to purchase them outside of Japan?
Thanks for your time and making such beautiful things.
I did a little post about you/ Kalla on my blog!

Hitomi said...

Maki san,
Thank you so much for your comment!
I've just saw your blog and found it very inspiring! Do you mind if I post and introduce your blog on mine?

Hitomi said...

Hi Jennifer,

I mix binder (extender?) with pigment ink to print on fabric and the brand is a Japanese maker called "Mino".
It is water based ink but I'm not really sure if it's available overseas... I've just checked their website but found no English site.

I think it looks like "dye" rather than "print" maybe because the pigment ink is quite concentrated and it can be absorbed well into the fabric (not really into the thread, though, so it's not dyeing).

Anyway, thank you so much for your post on KALLA and checking my blog! :)


Maki said...

Hello, Hitomi-san. I am actually stunned with your offer about introducing my blog. You are so kind! I would be more than happy to be introduced by you and I'll be very honored. I have only got a blog at the moment and just started it since June so hope that won't let you down..?

If you need to contact me or anything, please drop me an email: makikohastings@gmail.com

Thank you so mcuh again.