14 April 2011


My newly born nephew!!
In Patapri blanket!!


vermiljoen said...

congratulatioons to your sister!!! xx

Hitomi Kimura said...

Thank you Lien!!
Now I', looking forward to yours!! ;)

yuko said...

im so happy for your sister, you and your family.
whats her name?

Thea said...

Gorgeous baby and blanket! Congratulations. x

Hitomi Kimura said...

Thank you so much!!!

His name is Shi-o-nn
but my sister and her husband still haven't decided the Kanji version for the name...!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! Look--he's already cheering his lovely blanket! Yaay!

Hitomi Kimura said...

Yes, he seems to understand what's happening around him, doesn't he...?!

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

HITOMI!!!! I am SO glad I checked your blog!!!! Big congrats to your sister and family!!!! Shi-o-nn is absolutely adorable and his little pose is too cute!!! Can't wait to know his kanji name :) Yuko's blanket for him looks perfect for him and so cozy!!! You must be so happy to be an AUNT - it may take a while to adjust to being an aunt :D Please update us on the baby!!!!!


- meredith <3

Hitomi Kimura said...

Thank you so much!! I cannot wait to see him again and take more pictures :)