13 February 2009

Just Some Used Bottles

I have just started to collect glass bottles. And I collected four so far. They might appear in my textile design some day.


gussied up said...

That's incredible! To me. I started a brown bottle collection after I had some medicine come in them. Then yesterday, I had to fill a bunch of clear glass perfume bottles with colored water for an advertising set. It looked so cool and I began to think of all the things I could make with them when we're done. I thought I should go on Craigslist to ask for people's discarded bottles, but then worried about what I'd get. I'm smitten by little bottles. Thanks for sharing!

Hitomi@kalla said...

Hello! and thank you so much for your comment! Finding the beauty by accident is definitely one of the most exciting things in life, isn't it? :) I like your way of using rainbow colours, it's so cheering. I also enjoy your findings, too!