28 April 2010

My Studio Pics

As I did some photo shooting the other day, I'll share some of them here.

13 April 2010

Kate Schutz The Talented Painter & Illustrator

One of my customers Kate Schutz showed me these pictures of her renovated bedroom on her blog.

The gifted artist (you can see some of her paintings on the wall) ordered some cushion covers and fabric from me to suit the new headboard and wall paint. And you can see it all went perfect :)

What she's done with her room is very inspiring to me and I'm very pleased to have become a part of her refurbishing project!

Please visit her blog and website to find out more about her work.

2 April 2010

Woven Colours

I've tried some weaving today (well, if I'm allowed to call it "weaving" though) as part of my experiment on colours, materials and texture.

I used magazine shreds, fabric shroud by hand and rope made of paper.

It was a real fun, those only found objects could become a casual piece of art when it's properly framed and hung on the wall :)