29 July 2010

Elephant Magazine

It's been a while since this art & visual Culture magazine called "Elephant issue 3" was published but here is the pages in which my work was featured.

AND it was really nice to be in this feature along with the popular designer maker Yuko of Patapri!

This feature represents 7 textile designers around the world. I really enjoyed reading other artists' history, background, idea, process, style and so on.

Special thanks to Anna, an editor of this Elephant magazine as well!

16 July 2010

Playing Around With Real Things

I've done some experiment the other day with watercolours and then paper cutting.

When I try to develop my idea, doing it on computer doesn't really work for me, especially when the computer is so old and super-slow...!

5 July 2010

Work In Progress

These are some "making-of" at different stages of preparation for printing new tea towels. The last photo shows sketches for more of new designs.