27 January 2010


New products from YOKOMONO STUDIO are on sale and the California based desiger/crafter used kalla's "Tatami" fabric for her new line!
I just admire the way she uses her fabrics and choice of colours.

Please visit her Etsy store or Supermarket store for more information.

24 January 2010

I Know, I Cannot Avoid This

This is my messy table as usual, working on some old pattern and trying to figure out how the half-step repeating works... it's really confusing to me sometimes...!

Playing Around With Colour

I did a little embroidery today and made it into a covered button. I didn't plan the colour scheme beforehand and just picked up each colour on the way.

22 January 2010

Over The Pacific Ocean

The other day, I sold this journal and another one to someone in California and she let me know what she got those notebooks for.

She is originally from Hawaii and she would exchange them monthly with her two best friends in Hawaii, "writing down things they would normally say if they were together".

I thought it was so sweet...! And the story actually moved me and made me try to keep up the good work :)

11 January 2010

Cosy Corner

I have found an old kettle in the storage last week and made "a cup of tea" space in the studio :)