26 November 2009


From "Body" experiment series.
Used watercolour and ink.


This experiment was made based on a theme "body" at first but it looks like "coral" as the title shows :)
I painted acrylic gouache with painting knife on papers then cut it out and made some holes, put it on top of another.

London Street

Collage based on a photo taken in London.
I used pencil, pen, photocopy and oil pastel.

22 November 2009

Trial and Error

I made a white background for photo shooting of some of my small products. It is made out of cardboard, white paper and parcel tape. The white wall should reflect the light around the object better and catch more details. I need to improve my photo skill now :)

13 November 2009

Beautiful Brooches from Kimba

The other day, a really nice follower of this blog called "Kimba" sent me this photo. These beautiful and exquisite brooches were made by her ! She 's been recently thinking of setting up an Etsy store of her own , so when she does, let me introduce the shop on this blog :) Thank you so much for your useful information and the picture!

4 November 2009

The Outcome

I'm really happy with the design!

The Process

Exposing the screen. Watch out for the UV light. Not really good for your eyes.

Developed screens for the two-colour pattern.

Printing the first colour... a bit worried!

After printing the second colour... a best bit!