28 October 2009

The Birds

Well, the dog has nothing to do with this but the new pattern design will be coming soon...!

20 October 2009

Tedious Part of My Job

I'm not really good at stretching screen on the frame... maybe it just needs years of practice for me...
At least my dog takes away my stress :)

19 October 2009


I love the idea of moodboard. And I love seeing other people's moodboards because it can be such an inspiration.

An old ELLE DECO UK article says,
"At its simplest, a moodboard is a collection of pictures or things you like. It just helps you make sense of all the ideas floating through your head. The trick is not to over-think it. Let your intuition guide you and, as your board (of wall, or scrapbook, or vignette) takes form, so the unconscious threads that weave together your personal taste will come to the fore."

Exploring Colour

I just can't stop thinking of colourways for my new pattern design. Always fun and exciting to find colours I like but exhausting at the end...

8 October 2009

Playing with Colours

I just don't like throwing away those fabric remnants...
so today I decided to make another cushion cover out of remnants of making cushion covers...

Cutting the fabrics and making slips.

This is on the back after sewing, reinforced with another piece of light weight fabric on top later.

Here's the result! Not bad? I will take some proper photograghs tomorrow and list it up on my Etsy shop :)

4 October 2009

Planning, Preparing and Printing

More printing for some custom orders. It's the screen for "Tatami" design.

This is a sort of my "mood board" as of today. You could probably find some original hand drawn sketches for previously posted digital designs. Now I'm really eager to print multi-colour patterns!! It is technically a bit difficult in my studio but I am preparing for it. So hopefully you could see some new stuff soon :)