16 February 2009

Happy Time

One of the best moments of my work, to me, is rolling up fabrics which are newly designed, printed and ironed!

13 February 2009

Just Some Used Bottles

I have just started to collect glass bottles. And I collected four so far. They might appear in my textile design some day.

Re-Design Classic Pattern

I have always wanted to print a simple "stripe" pattern but repeating a long line with seamless joints is technically very difficult (for me, at least).
And I also wanted to leave some touch of "hand cut" paper so decided to take advantage of those!

And the result is above printed fabric, it might work well as modern kimono :)

12 February 2009

Go Green

My fabrics are featured on "Crafting A Green World" along with my favourite handprinted fabrics by other artists on Etsy! Thank you Jackie!

3 February 2009


This is an overview of my mood board at the moment.


Today I set up a new tiny dark room (more like just a dark space) in the corner of my tiny studio.

Only to find that I'm not a good builder (it still works though). Maybe I need "a Man with a Van".